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 Youth Ministries

At Kenwood United Methodist Church, we believe it's never too early to engage with the church community, as well as the community at large. Youth of all ages are welcome at our Children's Education Activities, and several times a year we have "Youth Sundays" where our children and young adults take part in designing and leading worship.  They are also encouraged to participate in many other opportunities, which can be as varied as volunteering at a local soup kitchen, getting together to go ice skating,  or other activities arranged by the Kenwood Education Team.


The purpose of our Youth Ministry is for kids to have a fun and interactive way of learning about the Christian lessons of interconnectedness, community, compassion, and social justice.  We hope these lessons  will give them the tools they need to make good decisions, build healthy relationships, and create positive change in their communities. Our Youth Ministries also provide the opportunity for fellowship with their peer group as well as with our inter-generational church community.

We strive to do this by: 

-providing youth with spiritual opportunities outside of the normal church routine, to help them develop their Christian faith

-engaging youth with the larger community of Milwaukee through volunteering and other social outreach projects

-encouraging youth to form lasting friendships by providing fun social events and activities.

Our youth group is informal (that is, it doesn't have weekly or "required" meetings), but we nonetheless endeavor to create a community among the young Christians at Kenwood.  We recognize how important friendships rooted in a faith community can be, and we try to provide as many opportunities as possible to forge those friendships through diverse activities.



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