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The A.O. Smith Memorial Pipe-Organ

Kenwood is blessed to have one of the larger and more versatile pipe-organs in Milwaukee
. The organ was given to the congregation in 1928 by the children of Milwaukee industrialist Arthur O. Smith, in his memory. Originally built by the Austin Organ Co. of Hartford CT., it has been updated and enlarged several times and was thoroughly refurbished in 2002-2003. It is an instrument of 4 manuals (keyboards) and 59 ranks of pipes. There are 3142 pipes ranging in size from about the size of a pencil to over sixteen-feet in length.

The refurbishment of the organ in 2002-2003 was a significant financial undertaking for the Kenwood congregation. It came as a result of theP1010007.JPG
realization that the organ was a trust from previous generations and deserved to be preserved, not only for our worship services, but also for the community-at-large. As a result of this commitment, we place a great deal of emphasis on sharing the instrument with guest organists, students, and visiting recitalists.

Here is a link to another site with detailed information about the organ.

The A.O. Smith Memorial Pipe-Organ Page

Visitors to the organ are welcome, subject to schedule. Call or eMail in advance to make sure you can be accommodated.

Here is a short video slide-show about the rebuilding of the A. O. Smith Memorial Pipe-Organ in 2002-2003

Here is guest-organist Carlo Cotrone in his annual "Christmas Around the World" concert, playing the A.O. Smith Memorial Organ. The selection is by composer Hugo Distler: Variations on "Savior of the Nations, Come"


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